All orders placed after 8/26 will ship 9/17

As we are all well aware, things are happening differently in 2020. The normal flow of business has been disrupted to put it mildly. I am typically buying stones and ordering loads of metal to prep for the holidays. Wholesale accounts are rushing to get their orders in by mid-September to ensure delivery pre-black Friday. But now, none of us have a clue what's going on. 

All of the wholesale gem shows have been cancelled and much of the metal I use has been hard to source. So I have decided to take time off to go and meet my suppliers (safely and distanced) to ensure that I can continue running my business. With this said, that means the next few weeks are a huge unknown for me and I will be out of the studio tracking down stones for Christmas. I am planning to bring inventory with me on the road but a lot of what is online I make to order which will prevent me from shipping before returning home. 

I ask your patience and flexibility with me at this time. I will do my best to get things out as quickly as possible. I'll be back the 16th of September and will get to making immediately. 

With so much gratitude for your understanding,